Change your Putty color theme

I work on my servers at home from work through an SSH secure shell and am often bothered with the lack of decent color scheme in the terminal window.  I find the blue text really hard to read on the black background, for example.

I found this great post on how to configure a better color scheme for the Putty client here:

In the Putty window go to the Window > Colours section.  From there you should be able to click an element to change to color for in the list and change the RGB values for it.

This is my current setup:

  • Default Foreground: 255/255/255
  • Default Background: 51/51/51
  • ANSI Black: 77/77/77
  • ANSI Green: 152/251/152
  • ANSI Yellow: 240/230/140
  • ANSI Blue: 205/133/63
  • ANSI Blue Bold 135/206/235
  • ANSI Magenta: 255/222/173 or 205/92/92
  • ANSI Cyan: 255/160/160
  • ANSI Cyan Bold: 255/215/0
  • ANSI White: 245/222/179
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  1. You shoulod make that into a downloadable .reg file

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