Strange words coming from the person who chased away all the talent from Infinity Ward, but speaking to Edge Magazine Kotick slammed the people who work at Electronic Arts.

The folks at Bioware, Mythic, Harmonix, etc. would probably beg to differ, of course.  And what about EA Sports?

I swear, Kotick has got to be retarded.  I don’t know where his PR people are, but somebody

needs to reign in this douche.

What does EA have to say about this?

“His company is based on three game franchises â?? one is a fantastic persistent world he had nothing to do with; one is in steep decline; and the third is in the process of being destroyed by Kotick’s own hubris.” — Jeff Brown, EA VP of Communications

Well played, Jeff.  Blizzard built World of Warcraft and has been in decline ever since Activision

merged with Blizzard and all of a sudden they are pimping ingame items bought with real cash.  The Guitar Hero franchise is in serious decline, and not because of people being sick of playing music with plastic instruments (I think Rock Band 3 will kick ass) but because people are sick of Kotick selling them 3 or 4 titles a year.  Also, Call of Duty will not be the premier shooter brand now that Infinity Ward is all but gutted (the Treyarch games are always shit).

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