Facebook wants to have all of my IM and text conversations and emails? As interesting as having all of my communications arrive in one spot may be, there is no way that I want to trust a single entity with that much of my personal information.  Facebook has a terrible security track record (however it is noted that they are a large target) as it is, and their privacy track record is much worse.  Considering instead of Google’s “Do no evil” Zuckerburg seems to live by “be the biggest douche as possible” I will take a pass.

Remember this is the guy that said: “people just submitted it. i don’t know why.  they trust me. dumb fucks.”

Fuck you Zuck.

Do Not Want.

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3 Responses to “All of your IMs, texts and emails are belong to Facebook?”

  1. let’s see if posting pictures works this way. Forgive my noob-ness stryc9

  2. Kurt, you do it just like you would do html, with the img tag.

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