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I have yet another reason to laugh at the hipster douchebags that I see walking around with iPads.  And its a great reason, and one of the reasons that I dispise Apple.  The iPad 2 is on the way.  Already.  And it will probably include all the things that the iPad should have – the stuff that Jobs decided to hold off on for another version so you douchebags could pay twice.

It is rumored that Foxxcon is going to ramp up production of 600,000 of the units in February 2011 for a release around April 2011.  It is also rumored to have a better gyro like the iPhone4 and a camera for Face-Time.  It should be noted, that both of these would have been in development for the iPhone4 during the time the iPad was being developed and could have (should have) been included in the original iPad.

Apple has this tendency to upgrade in small little baby steps.  They are actually creating stop-gap products inbetween their actual product launches.  Did the 3GS need to come out?  No.  Apple knew they were building the iPhone4, but the iPhone3G sales were sliding and they wanted to make sure that people had a reason to by an Apple product rather than doing something smart like buying an Android phone. Enter the 3GS.

Sigh.  Whatever – milk the hipsters dry Steve.

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One Response to “iPad 2 is on the way. Will the hipster douchebags upgrade?”

  1. I just read that the main upgrade of the new ipad, will be that it has little fold out arms that you can use to position the device at an angle. There are also rumors that it is designed to go into “hunter mode” at 3:30 am, and skulk around like one of the Facehuggers from the movie “Alien”. At which point it will latch onto the owner’s face and force a horse-cock sized proboscis down the owners throat, and deposit a sample of Steve Jobs’ actual semen!
    I believe this new development will have the second generation IPad flying off shelves and into the eager, sweaty hands of hipster douchebags, who are trying to fill their meaningless lives, and empty souls with overpriced shiny baubles.

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