DRM a ‘Waste of Money’ – Paradox CEO

I have discussed at length the facts surrounding DRM – It offers nothing to gamers and only hurts the legitimate consumers being the biggest.  Lately Gabe Newell from Valve has stated that ‘Piracy is a service problem’ and now Fred Wester, CEO of Paradox (the people that brought you Magicka!) has reiterated these thoughts and has gone so far as to call DRM a ‘waste of money’.

“I’m surprised that people still use DRM.  We haven’t done that for seven or eight years, and the reason is that it doesn’t make sense.  No one should have to purchase a product that they’re unable to install because of DRM… people who purchase a game should have just as easy a time as those who pirate the game, otherwise it’s a negative incentive to buy a legal copy.”

It’s nice to see that there are people in the PC gaming industry at the TOP that agree with the sentiment shared by myself and most PC gamers.  But how come it is the smaller companies like Valve and Paradox that can see this but the giants like Electronic Arts and Activision can not?  Wester has an answer for that too.

“I think there’s a lot of politics, especially in bigger companies… And the people who ask, the board, know nothing about games.  They’re there because they’re some investment company or something, and they ask, “So, what are you doing to protect our game from pirates?” And then they can reply “We’re buying this solution from Sony.”” (referencing Sony’s SecurROM DRM technology)

Well I can add Paradox to the list of companies that I will continue to purchase game titles from.

 “Now, I see no reasonable explanation for why people keep on adding [DRM]. Especially the kind where you have to be online all the time, like Ubisoft.  I think that’s to me that’s 2003.”

Thank you Fred, Ubisoft was the other company I was thinking of that obviously just doesn’t get it.

Source: Industry Gamers

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