EA turns off access to iOS Rock Band

UPDATE: Apparently this is all just a big elaborate mistake…

A submitter to Reddit was prompted with the following message when opening Electronic Arts’ Rock Band on his iPhone today:

It seems as though EA wants to turn off the access to Rock Band as of May 31st, which is a pretty crappy thing to do to your paying customers.  What is worse about this scenario is that in typical EA scamming fashion the game is still available to purchase for a whopping 4.99 on the App Store and nowhere at the time of writing does it indicate that the purchase will be null and void in less than a month.

We have to continue to get the word out on this.  Stop buying EA software.  Everyone that has bought an EA game on iOS should go and review it at a 1 star with a full description of why.  Everyone should try to get a refund for Rock Band, let Apple know why.

Email Tim Cook: tcook@apple.com and let him know that this will not be tolerated.  Any applications that expire should be listed as a subscription – a functionality that Apple now provides for magazines and newspapers, etc.

Spam EA’s twitter account for mobile: @EAMobile

I would say visit EA’s mobile support page: http://support.eamobile.com/ but currently it just says “This site has been disabled for the time being.” ?_?

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