DayZ – Narrow Hacker Escape

You know the signs.  First there is a steady flow of death messages on the server.  Then an admin sends a message to players that there is a teleporter/hacker on the server.  Then you need to save all your vehicles and tents and abort the game before you get nuked or a cow gets dropped on you.

Hackers are killing DayZ and the inability of Bohemia Interactive or their chosen game monitoring crapware Battle Eye to do anything about it is exceptionally frustrating.  I understand that the Arma engine is more free and open to support what that game is typically used for, I play Arma.  But if that engine and game wasn’t a wise decision to build the DayZ mod on and go public with it then why the hell did they?  Anyway, I will save my Rocket rant for another day and link what my friends run into a couple times a night.

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