Planetside 2 – I’ll pass on this one, thanks

Planetside 2  is a big zergy, lagfest massive Battlefield 3 clone with 3 factions.

I played a pile of it the last couple of days, and honestly I don’t see me having the energy to play it to showcase the classes in videos.  Planetside 1 had it’s issues and maybe since it was my first massively multiplayer game I see it differently through a nostalgic lens but Planetside 2 as it stands right now isn’t any fun at all.  I sat down at my PC today and fought with myself as to what game I should play. I wanted to get more Planetside2 Beta footage out but man is it less fun to play than GW2, DayZ, Tribes, CS, Borderlands2, Torchlight 2, etc.

I spent the majority of my day today playing on a server that had a huge population mismatch with NC having 49% of the population and the other two factions splitting the rest.  This resulted in the NC controlling the whole map other than the two protected warp areas for the remaining 2 factions.

Due to the game being largely based on ‘resources’, which is a new addition to Planetside in the second game, a population imbalance seems to perpetuate the ‘steamroll’ effect.  Resources are earned by controlling areas on the map, and resources are the currency that you use to spawn in vehicles and the bigger and better the vehicle (heavy tanks, transport/spawn point vehicles) the more the resource cost.  You can also purchase resources with in-game currency that each player earns – there are no ways to purchase resources with real money through the game (it is Free-to-Play, by the way).

So it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that if you don’t hold territories due to population imbalance or just a bad day of combat that you won’t be able to get resources and will be stuck with infantry fighting against a constant flow of tanks and missile laden fighter jets.  If the other front has twice the people than you do then you can’t push back without heavy armour.

It is no fun playing for hours just getting your shit pushed in.  Eventually we started pushing back and it became a bit more bearable and eventually the map will settle out to around 33% ownership for each faction again but not through our efforts but through populations coming back in line.

That, and the lag is terrible.  I have so much footage of me being killed by sniper shots that I can see miss me on my screen.  It is also impossible to react if you are getting flanked; you try to spin around to fight back but at 12FPS it is really not possible.

EDIT: Here is just one clip of many that shows what I am talking about regarding the lag.  See the tracer that apparently kills me… it is way off to the right.  Not only that but apparently I get shot by another person that does some damage to me, but I don’t see that happening anywhere.  I purposely strafed around the tower after firing because I wanted the sniper to lose sight of me.  I guess that on his screen I was still running forward and that scenario is the one the server chose to believe.

Even at a zero dollar cost I think this game is a pass, especially when it is lined up against so many good games that are competing for my time lately.

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