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Here are some notes I made from watching some dev interviews and reading the WarZ forums.  It may answer any of your questions that you might have.

The WarZ is a post apocalyptic, zombie zurvival MMO.  Servers will host a number of players and many zombies.  Gameplay will be a mixture of PvZ (player vs Zombie) and PvP (Player vs Player).


The first map available on release is Colorado.  Colorado is 160-170 square kilometres of terrain, or was at one point.  A recent dev interview stated that some areas of Colorado are getting larger as development continues.  Future maps will be larger and should be available by summer next year.

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Safe Areas:

During a recent interview it was revealed that there will be areas that are safe from zombies for players to hang out.  There will be a separate area for bandits, and bandits will not be able to enter the other area.


A Stronghold is basically a small map server rental that is 3-4km square that has 1 or 2 ‘settlement’ areas that can be an area to make your group’s home base.  There are zombies on the map outside of the settlement areas.

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Game Modes:

The game will have two modes: Normal and Hardcore.  The mode is selected when creating a character and cannot be changed for that character.  Servers will have both Normal and Hardcore players on them and there will be no way of telling the difference.  There will be specific Hardcore Only servers that will have special loot to reward hardcore players.  The play modes will have their own leaderboards.

In Hardcore mode upon death of the player you will lose your character because it will be deleted. In Normal mode your character will lose its backpack and the character will be unplayable for a certain period of time until it is ‘revived’.  Currently this is set to 24 hrs.

Hardcore will also have: faster xp gain, no crosshairs, some hud info is gone (ie rounds in magazine) and a slightly different skill tree.

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The developers have noted that this will not be a pay to win title, the marketplace will not introduce an unfair advantage in the game.  Guns and bigger backpacks won’t be found on the marketplace, instead food and tools will be available.  Most of the items in the marketplace will be bought with in-game currency (you will find dollars in the game).

Items that can be bought with ‘gold coins’ purchased with real money will be customizations.

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Experience, Leveling and skill trees:

There are no levels.  Killing players and zombies as well as doing other things in the game will gain your character experience points.  You can spend points to purchase skills in a skill tree.  Skills will be things that make sense in real life like longer sprint or faster reload.  There will not be skills that increase gun damage or provide a bigger health pool for your character.

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