DayZ Standalone Screenshots and Info

Saw the DayZ dev Tumblr posted on Reddit today and took a look at it since it has some pictures. If you want to see the pics in an easy imgur album:

Here is a link to the Tumblr:

I read the older posts and picked up on a couple of things.

  • The engine: Looks like it won’t be based on Arma3, which I figured, looks like its not being based on the Virtual Reality Engine 3 that Arma is built on top of either…

“The standalone engine we are using is a branch of Take on Helicopters, which itself is a branch of ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead.”

So where as it will no longer be a mod of the ArmA 2 engine it will still be based on that branch – who knows how much of the glitchy ArmA-ness we have come to grow and love will be present in the standalone game. For me, the quality that these developers has put out in the past has been suspect so I would expect more of the same.

  • The images look nicer, and I will be very glad to have more enter-able buildings.
  • That’s it? House pictures of a bit better quality? This got brought up on Reddit and Rocket answered thusly:

“It’s not all, but I only like to show things that are very near finished – rather than concept-type stuff that gets people all excited when many things change… Obviously this is just content, so the programmers and other artists have been working on other things.”

  • As someone who has been a developer in the past, and currently manages large software projects this really jumped out at me as a big red flag when I read the Tumblr:

“Most of the planning has to be done as it goes, with much of the project simply reacting to things that have happened. This is not a good way to start a development project.”

Umm… no shit? The inmates are running the asylum here folks; when BI decided that DayZ was going to get resources and funding and be a ‘real thing’ they should have t thrown in a Product Manager to hold the reins. This is what happens when you let developers manage their own large projects as inexperienced project/product managers. This isn’t encouraging news in the least – either BI isn’t devoting the time and resources that this game requires or they don’t have a clue what it actually needs to succeed.

I am still excited for the DayZ standalone game, and I really hope that it is successful.  I hope that the team can iron out these bumps in the road and make a great release.

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