Planetside 2 – Population Balance

I had a previous post about population balance in Planetside 2, but after revisiting the game I have some more feedback: Continent population balance is currently broken leading to steamrolling.

You don’t get an XP bonus if you are outnumbered on your continent because the bonus is applied based on the server populations and not broken down further for the continents.  So there is less incentive t play when you have less than 15% population on a continent.

To make matter worse further players from your faction will be unable to join you to help because the continent is full. It makes n sense to me why it is possible to overflow a faction population by more than your third and not allow your enemies to enter. Why design it like that? Nobody wants a zerg where a whole faction rushes a continent.

While I am at it, we need more continents; 3 isn’t enough and its too easy to spread population over the three.  I am sure with further development work we will see more but it makes me yearn for the 6 we had in PS1.

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